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ReHydrate_VERT_22.png BURN Therapy
$ 90.00 1 hr

Stimulate your metabolism, promote the breakdown of fat cells, improve weight control and give your energy level a boost. This therapy is the ultimate addition to your diet and exercise regimen. 

ReHydrate_VERT_21.png IV Fluids ONLY
$ 45.00 1 hr

Looking to simply rehydrate? We can provide fluids only. 

ReHydrate_VERT_23.png RECOVER Therapy
$ 90.00 1 hr

Accelerate muscle recovery, treat acute muscle spasms and rapidly replace electrolytes. After a hard workout or race, the faster an athlete can recover and rehydrate, the better. 

ReHydrate_VERT3.png RELIEVE Therapy
$ 90.00 1 hr

Relieve aches and fatigue associated with chronic pain syndromes, migraines and gastroenteritis. This is the ultimate hangover buster!

ReHydrate_VERT.png RENEW Therapy
$ 90.00 1 hr

Revive dull and fatigued skin, treat symptoms of eczema and psoriasis and promote a youthful glow with a boost of master antioxidant, glutathione and other key vitamins and minerals. 

ReHydrate_VERT2.png RESET Therapy
$ 90.00 1 hr

Combat chronic fatigue, relieve tension and alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety with a blend of vitamins and minerals. This therapy twice a month will keep you revitalized and refreshed. 

ReHydrate_VERT1.png RESTORE Therapy
$ 90.00 1 hr

Boost your immune system, or recoup faster by treating cold and flu symptoms at the onset. Restore fluid levels with a burst of vitamins and minerals to combat illness and improve illness recovery.

ReHydrate_VERT5.png The Myer's Cocktail
$ 90.00 1 hr

This comprehensive nutrition therapy offers the ultimate re-boot to your system and will promote and support your overall health and wellbeing.

service_FitBody_Boost_Therapy_Package.jpg FitBody Boost Therapy Package
$ 90.00 1 hr IV therapy package exclusive to current FitBody Boot Camp members. Includes B-12 injection. 

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